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December 31, 2011

Rattan garden furniture

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Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture can provide a focal point to the contemporary garden as well as being a platform for human interaction with the organic surroundings.
Black rattan garden furniture continues to feature prominently in the marketplace and maintains its popularity with customers.
Rattan garden furniture is lightweight but hard-wearing and low-maintenance.
There are many ranges of rattan garden furniture designs available, which are also weather-proof and easy to care for.

Rattan Garden Furniture and Resin Weave Garden Furniture is actually the same thing.
The reason why Rattan Garden Furniture and Resin Weave Garden Furniture have different names because there is such a wide range of different Weave types so they are known to have many names including rattan or wicker garden furniture, this product is incredibly popular due to the fact it is virtually maintenance free. All-weather outdoor rattan furniture can be left outside in the depths of winter with no cover to protect it.

Rattan is a type of climbing palm that is very long and ideal for continuous strips of reed, used to make furniture such as chairs, tables and sofas. Rattan is incredibly durable and can withstand extreme heat without splitting or drying out.

Unfortunately rattan is unsuitable for outdoor uses so man invented a synthetic resin material ideal to wicker weave, thus creating rattan garden furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture is created from a material that is made by combining 2 or more elements and normally used to describe plastic or resin garden furniture.

Rattan is strands of material woven to form a lattice like structure and traditionally it has been a concept used for indoor conservatory furniture using natural materials. However with the advent of synthetic rattan made from essentially a polymer based material, the outdoor living space can know be transformed with lavish rattan sofa sets and dining table sets which have been primarily used in indoor designs. Outdoor rattan is also described wicker garden furniture, all-weather garden furniture and plastic outdoor furniture.

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